Friday, December 17, 2004


What's up, homies!

Today I finally got the "Lord of the Rings, Return of the King" Special Edition, 4 disk DVD! It's awesome, it's got, like 50 friggin extra minutes of deleted scenes, including the standoff between Gandalf & Sauroman that didn't make it to the cut that was shown in theatres. Pop gave it for me for my birthday. "What?" you say, "Christmas isn't for another 8 days!" Silly Rabbit, come on you know that it's Christmas every day in Heaven. Any way, like I was saying, Pop gave me this 4 DVD set for Christmas, and I sat down to watch it earlier. I think it's awesome, but Dad didn't really like it. Says it's too long. Says it lasts for eternity and a day. Now, I'm like: "What's 4 1/2 hours to a guy who's been around for ever and will be around for ever?" But he was still, like: "No way, go see it with one of your friends." Thing is, that wasn't too easy. Despite the fact that Pop just bought a 60" plasma screen for my room, I found few takers. St. Anthony was too busy, and St. Peter said there's no way he'd be done checking in the new guests in time to watch a movie. Even Mary Magdalene, who it seems, is always up for doing something (confession: sometimes it even gets a little annoying), said she had a haircut scheduled for today. So finally, I run into St. Michael, and he's like "The Special Edition DVD is out, finally? Kick Ass!" Turns out the guy's a HUGE LOTR fan! You know, on second thought, it shouldn't have really surprised me. After all, considering the way the guy dresses.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

First post.

Ho, hum. Got my blog. Was talking to pop (sorry... Pop... capital "p") and St. Peter the other day, just generally rapping about how boring things have become up here when the Old Man and St. Peter pretty much simultaneously came up with the idea that I start a blog! I swear, sometimes I think those two were separated at birth! (Except for the inconvenient fact that Pop ever has been and ever shall be, and all, so he wasn't really born.) Anyway, so I took their advice, logged on to Blogger, and here it is.

Hope to keep you mortals updated on what's going on up here! Keep in touch!